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Dr. Erin released my back in just one session, even after I had tried massage twice, without success. She gave me tools and techniques to resume my favorite activity safely, rebounding. My pain subsided, my sleep returned and I happily recommend her. ~Sherri M.

Erin is a careful listener who always takes my comments seriously. Her hands are strong and calm. When manipulating, she tells you what she will do, and why. Erin has my trust and my good health in her hands. ~Jenifer A

I began seeing Dr. Sepic 2 months ago for shoulder and neck pain.  I liked the fact she included Kinesiology as part of her practice.   The number one reason I would refer Dr. Sepic is she spends quality and effective time with you at each visit.  Dr. Sepic  listens to you at all times, asks appropriate questions, then addresses the challenges.  I believe she is very  in tuned, knowledgeable and effective in her job. She has a great balance of caring and knowing how to provide effective chiropractic treatment.   Dr. Sepic is professional and genuinely cares about your well being and you know she is always doing the best she can as a professional chiropractor. She’s willing to spend the needed time at each visit to really work on you (in a gentle manner) to achieve positive results.  I’ve been to a number of chiropractors over the years, and believe Dr. Sepic is one of the best in the area.   She will work with you to help you achieve your health goals. She helped resolve a long term health challenge I’ve had and I am grateful for this.  She’s holistic yet practical (pragmatic?) per say.  I would encourage anyone who is exploring chiropractor options to meet with Dr. Sepic. I, for one, am grateful she chose to be a chiropractor!  Her office staff is very professional and helpful as well. ~Diane 

Erin brought me back to my body in under two months.  I was ‘seriously injured’, with the serious hit to the quality of my life that injury brings; lack of mobility, pain, and uncertainty as to what was happening and what my outcome would be.  I believe this caregiver is gifted, that another chiropractor would not have had the same results.  One clue to this gift:  almost every visit a moment occurs in which Erin says quietly, “I love my job.”  With my now working body and happy life, I am very grateful that this love translates so fully into the treatments that Erin provides.  ~Maya

Dr. Sepic is one of the most thorough and compassionate practitioners I’ve ever been to. She is genuinely curious and interested in exploring why her patients’ bodies are in dis-ease or pain. It’s refreshing to find a practitioner whose intention is not to fix me, but to support me in returning to whole wellness. ~Denise

Dr. Erin has always been responsive to my family’s health and emotional needs. We leave her office feeling energized and more like ourselves! ~Tana R.

Dr. Erin is fabulous. A good chiropractor isn’t always easy to find. I drive out from Montpelier to see her and send my patients to her as well. Her knowledge of the body, and ability to determine and effectively treat the cause of imbalance, is a special gift.    ~Gabriel A, ND

Dr. Erin is empathic, intuitive and very capable of providing long-lasting relief. We are so fortunate to have her in our community.  ~Otie F.

Erin has the gift of healing. She listens to your words and your body. She gives you the tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle. She partners with you as you journey towards a healthy lifestyle.  ~Marie T.

Dr. Erin’s approach is more gentle and holistic than other chiropractors I’ve seen. I appreciate every session with her!   ~Kristin R.

Erin has an amazing touch and energy. All of my family responds incredibly to her treatments. She helps us stay as healthy as possible. ~Denise N.

I have had spondylolisthesis (spondy) at least since first diagnosed with it as a teenager. I am now 68 years old. Since I have been to all kinds of therapists over the years, a final issue that was very important to me was to find someone who is not only knowledgeable about what spondy is and what happens as you get older. I also wanted to finally find someone who would really take a personal interest in me, not the assembly line stuff or the standard exercises. I have really looked forward to seeing Dr. Erin for this reason alone. But one of her other great strengths is how she combines her knowledge of anatomy with her past in sports. This makes her acutely aware of motion related issues that she can treat. Add to this her wonderful smile and sense of humor, and I believe if you go to her you will be as dedicated as I have become to make the changes you need for good health.   ~Charles W, PhD

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