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Cranio-Sacral Therapy
This modality can be used at times via the AK testing, and frequently is, particularly in migraine, or complicated TMJ cases. The bones in our head and pelvis do actually move (if healthy), and when we have torsion or tension on those joints, we can experience all sorts of symptoms.  These range from different types of local or referred pain or discomfort, to any number of cerebral challenges.  The latter may include memory retention issues, learning disabilities, challenges relating to focus and concentration, as well as movement patterns and coordination issues.  The movement-related portion often manifests in simple daily activities, but also impacts any sort of sports performance.  Often patients who are athletes and have never had any cranial work done, come in for an unrelated problem, and find remarkable performance enhancement from the CST that proved necessary.  Infant and pediatric populations are the ones that experience the highest percentage of this treatment in our office, as it is so utterly relevant to the age range, and parents reports that significant behavioral challenges see marked improvements or resolution with this service. It is such a gentle and patient-guided therapy that they tolerate it fantastically well.
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