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Our Philosophy at Synergic Health, LLC is founded on two strong beliefs:

1.Our Bodies have an Immense capacity to heal and regulate themselves.

We simply need to locate whatever stressors exist in our systems and remove or resolve them. (Be they physical/structural, biochemical/nutritional, or neurological (mental/emotional))

2.Each of us is on our own path, and each is different from the next.

Meaning we are all in different places, with different histories of how our bodies have been treated over however many years (or minutes). This makes for the very unique context in which each patient is treated in our office. No one has the same treatment experience, even if they both present with the same ‘condition’.

In our office, we work with each patient to determine their course of care, given their current state, their history / pattern(s) and their level of compliance with recommendations. It is always a Team effort here, and that makes for a very favorable prognosis, regardless of the presenting ‘condition’. Patients experience an unconditionally supportive, caring and educational environment in our office. They can take as much from it as they can handle, or as little as they can manage at this point in their busy lives. The more they can absorb, the more empowered they become.

Our goal is to support you in your journey toward better health.

We have a truly astounding number of complimentary Practitioners that we work with and refer to, as needed. They range from Acupuncturists, Yoga Therapists, Psychotherapists, Advanced Nutritional Therapists, Energy Workers, Midwives, Doulas, Physical Therapists, Personal Trainers, Exercise Coaches, Craniosacral Therapists, Orthopedists, Osteopaths, and Obstetricians. Not to mention the huge number of local professionals that may be able to meet a non-healthcare need that would reduce a patient’s stress level. (Nothing like a great housecleaner, a diaper-washing service, or a good bookkeeper to help some of us take a load off our minds! ☺)

This last ‘service’ is also subject to the ‘only if there is a need’ rule, and so –again- each patient’s experience here is so different. One could be given a ton of homework and /or resources in their first two visits, be uber-compliant, and be all set until further need arises, and another might have a combination of factors that requires a much smaller dose of aid, on many fronts, for a far longer time until they reach a place of Balance. Our overarching goal is to help people reach a place of stable, self-subsistent Balance. We offer whatever treatment, education and resources the team (consisting of the Doctor and patient, and sometimes the patient’s family) agrees will be most helpful. 

We’re all here to help each other, and it’s a joy to be able to serve so many people in our community. We hope you find (or have found) our Practice helpful, and look forward to working with you.


The Management.

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