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Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy

Also known as Adjusting, both via structural (audible) and non-structural (subtle-but-powerful, ‘non-cracking’) methods.  Dr. Sepic works primarily through the second method these last ten years, one that is based on Network (NSA) and a similar technique called Flow, developed by a Network Instructor.  She will still adjust in a more traditional osseous fashion, but far less often, in cases that it is a) clearly called for, b) is desired by the patient, and most importantly c) is -fully- permitted and welcomed by the patient’s nervous system.  Dr. Erin practices a significant amount of this modality on extraspinal, or extremity joints (shoulders/hips, ankles/wrists, elbows/knees, feet/hands, etc). CMT is not solely therapeutic for the spine, of course! All our joints function best when they move in optimal patterns, with optimal muscular support from all angles, from the ground up.

This modality is the foundation of the Chiropractic profession and history, and is a wonderfully safe and therapeutic treatment.

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