Energy Work/Intuitive Healing

To be clear, this Service is offered only on a cash basis, as no insurance companies cover it.  At times, Dr. Sepic will include a small bit of it free of charge in an otherwise structural session, but for the most part, it is often most effective and transformative when done in focused, exclusive appointments.


Notes from the Doctor;

I have been using my intuition for many years in my work with patients, and it has proven both very effective for people, as well as incredibly rewarding for me as a practitioner. In the last year it has become a larger part of my work, and has taken on its own identity in this therapeutic context.  It may sound strange or unfamiliar as a modality to many of you, but it is simply what results when there is a genuine connection between client/patient and practitioner. When a caregiver is truly present with and focused on you, they have a far greater capacity to utilize their intuitive abilities (we all have them :o) and gain information that is helpful for many aspects of the patient/client’s life.

I am most often touching the patient/client during this treatment, often doing gentle cranial therapy.  I relay the information I receive from your body as it comes to me. Most often this communication takes place verbally, and usually during the treatment, though sometimes the Focus is so important that the sharing will happen after the treatment.  It represents a very gentle, genuine therapy that can foster healing on much deeper levels than straight structural work often does. This information has to do with linking the current problem/challenge at hand, be it physical or otherwise, with the client’s ‘greater picture’.  The goal is to remove obstacles in the path toward greater Peace in their bodies and Lives.  The ripples are far-reaching, and there is often resolution or entire shedding of a significant layer of stress in the person’s life.  They report feeling more at ease, clearer, grounded and more integrated  in themselves after a treatment.

This is the ‘bigger shift’ that I believe most practitioners aim for, and are so rewarded by.  These ones happen fairly quickly, (1-3 visits, tops) and that person has the tools to truly ‘go the distance’ in the next chapter of their goals/path in life. Then, when they are ready for whatever their next big milestone is, they return, to me or someone with a similar skillset, for the support and guidance to make that shift as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

I have been studying this work formally for 5 years now, and am a graduate of the 2 year extended Clairvoyant Program at the Intuitive Awareness Center in Fairfax, VT. I am now enrolled in (entering the second year of) the Teachers and Leaders Program in the same school, under Dr. Gayle P. Myers (M.D.) and Gwyneth Flack.  I choose to consistently place myself in a structured context so that I and my classmates can continue to hone these skills and I can bring more and more effective service to my clients and patients.

Intuitive work has been invaluable in my own personal experience, and I am delighted to be able to share it with my clients, on an ‘as needed’ basis in my private practice. We are working on getting some specific testimonials posted from clients of this work, and until then please call the office with any questions.


Peace to you and yours,


Dr. Erin



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