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A great method for ‘pressing the Re-Set Button’ on your entire system, is a regular cleanse.  Indeed most traditions of medicine embrace this, and the oldest ones have done so for thousands of years.  I always enjoy noting the differences in different approaches, geographic relevance, and factors included in the different traditions.

I continue to experiment on myself; have done for years, and one of the easiest, but certainly gentlest cleanses I’ve found, is Standard Process’ Purification Program. I tweak it a bit for those of us who are gluten and dairy-challenged, and further if there are significant candida or exercise complications.

I also provide a homeopathic cleanse, for those extremely sensitive patients. However, I usually find folk respond excellently to the Purification.

It is 3 weeks long, and does a great job of clearing out your GI, (gastrointestinal system) particularly small intestines, as well as giving your liver a hUge break, and a chance to clean itself out and get a vacation for a bit.  A pretty universal side-effect in those who have some to lose, is weight loss.  I regularly drop 8-12 lbs in the three weeks, depending where I’m at with my body, fitness levels, and my adherence to the 1:2 veggie-to-fruit ratio they recommend.

The cost is extremely reasonable, and there is no caloric restriction during the entire three weeks. The largest challenge is often for the most active people; you should maintain (especially for week one) an exercise level that allows you to carry on a conversation quite easily.  This can be difficult for all you uber-athletes to pull off; slowing down is often the best thing for us, though. Its only a week; I promise you won’t lose everything in that space of time.

I recommend you get a check before you go on any cleansing program, but sometimes I have very well educated people order this product that they use every year, and I have no problem with that. Be sure that if you are dealing with any health problems that you get the go-ahead from a physician or nutritional practitioner that you trust, who knows your history well.

During a cleanse, you need to drink a lot of water, as you’ll be throwing all sorts of toxins  for a while.  Even moreso for uber-compliant folk who are either losing weight, or who are normally tough on their livers. You do want to make sure you’re eliminating easily and frequently, though. If there are any problems in any of these departments, please come in and let me help you; or see your primary Practitioner, whoever that is.  It is a shame to not get as much out of this as you can, given the relative pain in the tail of eating so clean (a big step for many of us to go Clean) for 3 weeks straight!

Diet is as important as the supplements, so you must stick to it.  Great food, but limited to lean meats, veggies, some rice if necessary (mostly athletes) and fruit. Any sugar you get is from fruit and vegs, and fats from meats and nut-free oils. Smoothies in the am (or anytime) are great meal replacements, but I pack mine with plenty of calories, and its actually easier to do this than cook meals all the time, for those of us who are pretty busy (moms! :o) its not so stressful, and SO tasty.

However, because of the raw food quotient (very helpful to do much of this raw, if not all) I recommend doing it in the heat of summer here in VT. I usually do mine in July or August. However, sometimes you just can’t wait. I simply recommend people gently steam their veggies, and eat more stews and whatnot in the off-seasons, and I let my smoothies warm to at least room temp after I pull them out of the fridge before I ingest. (I am one of those who can’t wait; by March or April, my body is screaming for a ‘re-set’.)


If you have any other questions, please let us know, and we’ll look fwd to hearing from you! :o)


Dr. Erin

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