The Services offered at Synergic Health, LLC are listed below:

Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy

Also known as Adjusting, both via structural (audible) and non-osseous  (subtle-but-powerful, non-cracking) methods. Both are available here, but Dr. Erin finds that clinical outcomes are often improved with a more subtle approach.

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Applied Kinesiology

In a nutshell, Applied Kinesiology (AK) is a system that enables the Doctor to read a patient’s body (via orthopedically sound muscle testing) to discover what the most effective method of treatment will be for that individual,  in that case, on that day.  It incorporates large amounts of muscular and fascial work, adjusting, basic acupuncture, nutrition; whatever is called for.

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Gentle Cranial Work

This gentle, (but very powerful) technique is used particularly often in migraine, or complicated TMJ cases. The bones in our head and pelvis do actually move (if healthy), and when we have torsion or tension on those joints, we can experience all sorts of symptoms.  Infant and pediatric populations, as well as injured or very ill patients are the ones that experience the highest percentage of this treatment in our office, as it is such a gentle and patient-guided therapy that they tolerate it fantastically well.

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Orthotics Fitting / Casting

If the doctor feels that foot support will provide significant aid in a patient’s case, she will recommend one of two pairs of orthoses.  We carry two products, to fit the price range and needs of all situations.  So far only rave reviews on these products!

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Nutritional Counseling

Dr. Erin is well-versed in several different nutritional approaches, and experiments regularly on herself as new information surfaces in this area.  Often some simple tweaks in a patient’s diet can help them make significant leaps and bounds forward with respect to joint (and many other types of) inflammation and pain, healing injuries faster, and leading to a better quality of life. We also sell specific supplements that may be clinically warranted for short-term help with any number of issues.  These are always tailored to the patient’s specific needs.

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Cleansing Packages

We carry (among others) Standard Process supplements, including their Purification Program. Dr. Erin and many of her patients over the last five + years have experienced much help from an annual (or semi-annual) cleansing of the GI system, and simultaneous liver detoxification. It is simple, fairly easy, gentle, and does not restrict calories in any way. Yet it provides help with a boost for improving absorption of nutrients, weight loss, improved mental acuity and a higher level of sensitivity to the foods that your body likes the most.

Therapeutic Exercise Recommendations

There is a large portion of this ‘team-based’ approach to care that requires tangible time-in-process on the patient’s part, often including some exercises to help moderate or negate the stresses that a patient’s lifestyle or job place on their bodies. They are a huge part of the care program, and a large part of the reason that this care is so effective.

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Energy Work/Intuitive Healing

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