Dr. Charles Paolantonio

I was born and raised in Caldwell, New Jersey. My introduction to chiropractic care was through my mother who was treated for her migraines headaches. She was encouraged by her doctor to also bring her children in for care. So began my life in Chiropractic from my childhood years until now.

My undergraduate studies were completed at Ashland University in Ohio in 1969 and from there I attended New York Chiropractic College in New York City. I received my Doctor of Chiropractic degree in September of 1972 and after graduating I traveled the states for three months considering where I might open an office. When winter was approaching I headed back to the east coast. ( the old VW bus running rough). I decided to spend the winter in Vermont, and needless to say, I have been here since. I opened my first office in Shelburne in 1973.

My Chiropractic experiences have taken me to Honduras three times with Mayo Clinic doctors as a member of S.M.A.R.T (surgical medical assistance relief teams). It was an incredible experience that I will never forget.
My wife Deborah and I have been married 36 years. Deborah is a native Vermonter and her Dad (Harold) owned the original Boutiliers Art Center on Church street. We have two wonderful children and four grandchildren.
Deborah and I are blessed to live close to both our son and daughter.

My personal Chiropractic journey is best described by my philosophy on whole health.



The nervous system is your body’s control center, sending messages from your brain along your spine and nerves to all parts of the body. It controls pain, function and is a major determining factor in overall well being.

I believe that nerve interference is one of the main sources of health problems. This interference is caused by physical, mental-emotional, chemical and spiritual stress. The body holds onto to this stress as spinal and muscular tension that causes subluxations (spinal misalignments), trigger points, glandular imbalance and restrictions in the movement and well being of the body.

These subluxations and trigger points (restrictions) persist in the body. When your body-mind-spirit holds onto trauma or life stresses they accumulate. Once a certain threshold is reached and the nervous system cannot cope with these stressors, it results in a health problem. It is these holding patterns of tension (expressed often times by pain) that causes people to seek care.

Care needs to be centered on the individual and that individual’s whole body. Several health systems try to address that entire body approach. Chiropractic through the spine and nervous system. Oriental medicine through the Meridians,and balancing Yin and Yang (positive & negative), and Applied Kinesiology through balancing the muscular system. All of these approaches need to be supported by life style changes, nutritional supplements and movement (various forms of exercise).

I have spent 46 years of my life pursuing these approaches to wholeness and to help people gain health, wellness and balance in their lives.

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