Recent News! Dr. Sepic featured on TV show ‘Holistically Speaking’, Migraine Panel.

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New Website Launches

Synergic Health is happy to offer a new and improved website. This new site will create more opportunities for Synergic Health to provide natural health care options to Vermont and beyond. The new site will contain all the information and forms for new patients. It will create an easy way to connect with Synergic Health, stay abreast of latest updates and community events.

A big thank you goes out to Think Up! Design for making this wonderful transition so easy and painless.

We hope to see you online or in the clinic.
Have a great day!

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Hell Hath frozen over… New Custom Orthotics Available at Synergic Health!

This spring a Podiatrist came and presented to the VCA (Vermont Chiropractic Association, and he just blew my mind.  Its so nice to finally be able to throw myself behind a product that I believe in! I’ve been opposed to rigid orthotics in general for years, and this is a genius device in ‘rigid clothing’.  I was SO elated to finally observe (and be trained in) a casting method that made sense to my structural ‘mind’.  AND since this fine fellow is a Mechanical Engineer (pre-pod training career), he approaches the actual manufacturing and application of the orthotic more appropriately than I ever hoped could really exist.  In order to support each client specifically, SoleSupports requires their activity type, and weight (Many professional athletes have a pair for weight training, one for golf, one for performance in their sport), so that the leaf spring that he’s designed is specifically calibrated to their needs, and is not rigid; it flexes with you, and thus allows the right joints in the foot to move and absorb the right amounts of force in the most efficient and effective order.  This orthotic reduces and eliminates injuries of all sorts, in all sports (except, admittedly, notsomuch for cycling. -Although arguable for cyclocross racing :).  Visit their website to learn more,  This is the best product I’ve ever seen, and (as an alternative to true, evolved barefoot movement, something I support hugely, but don’t believe will ever gain a seat in our mainstream, heeled-shoe culture) would be a HUGELY effective investment in your joint and spinal health for decades.  Call us for a fitting, or with any questions. This is a huge, encouraging step forward for preventive health care.  Happy Day!  :o)

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